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WordPress Website Development and Blog Development

WordPress is slowly becoming a household name within the blogging community. This is a free and an absolutely wonderful blogging tool, strong Content Management System that functions as a platform for publishing content online. The WordPress Blog Development is customizable and allows the templates, widgets and themes to be customized as per the blogger’s requirement.

The WordPress is an open source platform which is based on MySQL and PHP. It is claimed that by February 2014 the new version of WordPress 3.8 has been downloaded approximately about 16 million times.

Many to go in with WordPress Website Development services have their websites created with WordPress because of the following features.

  • W3C-compliant :Flexible with next generation tools
  • Advanced Link Management System
  • Specialized Plug-ins and Extensions
  • Pingback and Trackback options
  • Extremely multifaceted enabling cross-blog communications
  • Equipped with spam protection filters

Why WordPress is gaining popularity?

  • Economical manner of developing quality websites with worldwide reach
  • Simple and easy Installation and customization of the templates
  • Effortless content Managing and editing
  • Manages and maintains even non blog content
  • All content can be previewed before it is posted
  • Archival of content can be done with the progressive search options on the website
  • Changes in the template reflected instantly on the website
  • RDF, ATOM and RSS 2.0 feeds are well supported
  • Blog exposure with ping-o-matic
  • CSS or HTML knowledge not needed
  • The inbuilt dashboard enables the users to toy with the posts,settings and category
    • The user can play with the  themes, tools and widgets to showcase their individual choices.
    • The WordPress Website Development and design is one of the best technology can deliver.
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